How to activate WhatsApp dark mode on mobile and WhatsApp Web ? New Update 2022

WhatsApp Dark Mode has finally been released. Officially available for Android, iOS, and WhatsApp Web, also known as dark mode, leaves the messenger in shades of black, gray, and dark green.

According to the company, the main objective is to make reading more comfortable in low-light environments. In addition to helping users more easily focus on what matters on the screen.

If you’re looking forward to seeing your black WhatsApp, check out how easy it is in the step-by-step prepared by AppGeek. For this, it is necessary that the messenger is updated on the latest version.

How to enable dark mode in WhatsApp on Android

1. Open WhatsApp and, on the Conversations tab, tap on the three dots icon normally located at the top of the screen on the right;

2. In the menu that opens, go to Settings ;

3. Now tap on Conversations ;

4. Access Theme ;


5. Choose the Dark option and confirm with OK.

  • Android 10 users will also see the Automatic (System ) option. This means that, when selecting it, WhatsApp will follow the theme established by the system. If the dark theme is enabled on your device, automatically, WhatsApp will also adhere to the preset. The same happens with other apps, such as Instagram’s dark mode, for example.

How to enable dark theme on Android

Have Android 10 but don’t know how to set up dark mode on the system? Don’t worry we teach.

Just open the Configure app and go to Screen. Then just activate the key next to the Dark Theme option. That simple!

How to enable dark mode in WhatsApp on iPhone (iOS)

WhatsApp dark mode on iPhone is available for iOS13 users. In the case of Apple devices, the color of the messenger follows that of the appearance chosen by the user as the system default.

1. Go to Settings ;

2. Then tap Screen & Brightness ;

3. On the next screen, check the box for the Dark option to activate the dark mode.

The system will gain darker tones on the spot. Apps that offer the functionality will accompany you, such as WhatsApp.

How to find out the iOS version

Did the procedure suggest above not work for you? So your iPhone probably doesn’t have iOS 13 installed. To find out which OS version is on your device, just follow the steps below.

Settings → General → About. Under Software Version, you find out what iOS information has been installed on your iPhone. When an update is available, the user is notified with an alert on the General screen.

How to use dark mode in WhatsApp Web

Enabling dark mode on WhatsApp Web works independently. This means you can use light mode on your smartphone and dark mode on a PC and vice versa.

1. Open the WhatsApp app on your mobile phone and tap on the three dots icon, usually located in the upper right corner of the screen;

2. In the menu that opens, go to WhatsApp Web ;

3. On the computer, open the browser of your choice and access the WhatsApp Web site. Use your cell phone camera, through the WhatsApp application, to scan the code;

5. Click Theme ;

6. Choose Dark and confirm with OK.

Benefits of dark mode

By officially launching dark mode, WhatsApp explained that the look was created to reduce eyestrain in low-light environments. This is just one of the benefits attributed to the theme, which has been adopted by several programs.

Applications such as Facebook Messenger, Google Chrome, YouTube, and many others already offer the feature. Experts argue that, in addition to preserving eye health, dark mode prevents the user from staying awake at night. The blue light emitted by the cell phone would have the same effect on the brain as a cup of coffee.

Google is one of the fans of dark screens. At a developer conference in 2018, he reported that light mode can consume six times more energy than dark. The result is valid for when both modes are with the maximum brightness of the display activated.

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