How to turn text into audio without downloading anything ? Just Few Steps

Transforming text into audio is very useful for people with some type of visual impairment to have wide access to content available only in writing. This type of tool, however, has also been used a lot for those who need to save time.

After all, with dictated content, it is possible to update while driving or check a document during physical activity, for example. There are options that allow you to convert text into MP3 without downloading anything, perform the process on your cell phone, extensions for Chrome, among others.

How to turn any text into audio online

The Soar website allows you to transform any text into audio. To do this, it is necessary to copy it from its original location and paste it into the service’s text box.

The platform offers a free plan, which includes up to 7 pages (3 thousand characters each) per month, with a voice in Portuguese. If you want a greater choice of pages and voices, you must join one of the paid plans available.

1. Access the Soar website and make a brief registration. If you prefer, log in with your Facebook user data;

2. Copy the text from the source location and paste it into the service text box or compose the content on the fly. Enter the document name in Title ;

3. On the right side of the screen, indicate the text language, spoken by voice and audio speed;

4. After selecting your preferences, click Convert ;

5. The content will be made available on the Library tab. The user can listen to the content online, through the play icon or edit what was written on the pencil;


6. If you want to download it, just go to Download MP3 ;

7. In the box that opens, select the folder where you want to save the file and finish the process with Save.

How to turn PDF or DOC files into online audio

The Zamzar website allows you to transform text files of different extensions, such as DOC and PDF, into MP3. All this is online and for free. The only catch is that the reader only “speaks” in English. That is, only content in the language should be converted perfectly.

1. Access the website of the Zamzar online file conversion service ;

2. Click Add Files and choose the text file available on your computer that you want to transform into audio;

3. Now, go to Choose Format and scroll down the list until you find the MP3 option . Click on it to select;

4. Then go to Convert now ;

5. Wait a few seconds for the conversion to complete. Then click the Download button ;

6. In the box that opens, select the folder where you want to save the file and finish the process with Save.

How to turn text to audio on Android and iOS

Both Android and iOS allow you to natively transform text to audio. On both systems, the function is available as part of the accessibility tools.

ON Android


1. Open the Android Settings app ;
2. On the next screen, go to Accessibility ;
4. Tap the Select to listen to option ;
5. Activate the switch next to the Use service item ;
6. In the box that opens, confirm OK ;
7. To use the tool, open a text editor or a news story in the browser. Then, tap on the accessibility button, which will be located on the system’s bottom bar;

8. Then select the snippet you want to be read. Okay, the content will be spoken immediately.



1. Go to Settings ;
2 . Then go to General ;
3. Then tap Accessibility ;
4. Among the options that appear, choose Fala ;
5. Then activate the key for the Speak Selection option ;
6. To use the tool, open a text editor or a news story in your browser. Then, select the snippet you want and, in the menu that appears, go to Speak . Immediately, Siri will say everything that is written.

How to turn text to an audio in Chrome

The extension for Chrome Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader brings to Google’s browser the ability to turn text into audio. The application is compatible with Brazilian Portuguese and is able to read the content of almost any website.

1. Go to the Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader page in the Chrome Web Store and click Install ;

2. In the message box that opens, go to Add extension ;

3. Then the plugin logo will appear at the top of the screen. When you want the textual content of a page to be read, click on the icon;

4. An extra screen will open with the text of the page. The currently read excerpt is highlighted in yellow;

5. Use the control buttons to skip or resume an excerpt, pause or stop playback.

It is not necessary to keep the tab of the page being read open. The extension continues reading the text even with the tab in the background.

How to turn audio into text


If you need a program that allows you to go the other way around, that is, transforming your voice into text, there are no mysteries either. Google Drive documents offer the feature natively and it recognizes the phonemes of the Portuguese language very well.

To use, just open a Drive document and go to Tools. Then choose Voice Typing. For the service to start writing what it says, tap on the microphone icon that will appear on the screen.

The image will turn red and then just start talking. When finished, just click again on the microphone icon.

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