How to replay a video in a loop on YouTube without downloading anything ? Full Guide

When you turn on the infinitely looping video mode on YouTube, the selected content automatically restarts, without having to play it again. Playback is only ended when the user decides to stop it.

On the computer, the functionality can be accessed natively, with a few clicks. On the cell phone, you have to resort to a simple trick to make the video restart automatically.

In both cases, however, it is not necessary to download any additional programs. Here’s how to make a YouTube video replay over and over on your smartphone and PC.

How to replay YouTube video in the loop on PC

1. Access the YouTube website, as usual, and open the video you want to play over and over;

2. Right-click on the video;

3. In the menu that opens, click Loop. The content will then be shown repeatedly, without having to play again.

How to loop looping YouTube video on mobile

1. Open Google Chrome and access the YouTube website (ie, access must not be done by the service’s Android and iOS app);

2. In the browser, tap on the three dots icon located in the upper right corner of the screen;

3. In the settings menu that opens, check the box next to the Desktop site itemShortly thereafter, the YouTube site’s formatting will change to that intended for PCs;

4. Now open the video you want to play infinitely;

5. Press your finger on the player for a few seconds. Soon, a menu of options will be displayed;

6. Tap Loop to make the video play repeatedly.

Other Little-Known YouTube Resources

In addition to the possibility of putting videos in infinite repetition, YouTube has other almost secret features. Although unknown, some of them can be very useful. Check out:

Statistics for nerds

The video-sharing network has a curious feature called Stats for nerds. When enabled, the feature displays data such as internet connection speed, audio and video format, buffer quality, and other options.

On PC, information can be accessed by right-clicking on the video. In the mobile app, the user must tap the three dots icon located in the upper right corner of the player.

Changing video playback speed

By default, YouTube videos run at “normal” speed. However, it is possible to watch the most accelerated content in up to 2 times or with a quarter of the original time. For this, it is not necessary to resort to any third-party application.

On the computer, the item is available by clicking the gear icon on the player. In the smartphone app, just access the three-dot button located at the top of the screen.

Save videos to watch later

On the home screen, the service displays a wide variety of videos that might interest the user. What not everyone knows is that the platform allows you to save content to be viewed later.

In the PC version, a clock icon is displayed when hovering over the thumbnails. Just click on the symbol to save. The list of movies to be watched later is available on the right sidebar of the website, under the Watch later item.

In the mobile application, below the thumbnails on the start tab, there is an icon with three dots. Touching on will display a menu with the option Save to Watch Later . The content can be accessed from the app’s Library tab.

Dark theme

The dark theme is a novelty that has been adopted by several services and applications. The display mode promises more visual comfort for low light situations and battery saving, as it uses less light on the display.

On the computer, the user simply clicks on the icon with their profile picture, in the upper right corner of the screen. Activating the option will be available in the menu that opens.

On the mobile phone, it is necessary to follow the following path: image with the user’s photo (top right corner of the Home tab) → Settings → General → Dark theme.

Limit data usage

For those who watch a lot of YouTube using the 4G or 3G network, you can use a native configuration to avoid spending excessive data.

Also within the general settings, it is possible to activate the option Limit mobile data. With this, the player starts to play videos in high definition only when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Limit time spent on YouTube

The “Reminder to Pause” tool stops showing videos after a certain period of time. You can select the reminder frequency from 5 minutes.

The function is ideal for those who want to reduce their time on the internet. Available for smartphones only, the option is found within the general settings of the app. However, when enabled, the alert is also displayed on the computer.

Those who like to listen to content from the service at work or in the car, have the option to download the YouTube videos in MP3. In addition to not needing to download any program, it is possible to save the mobile network when performing the conversion using a Wi-Fi connection.

But if you’d rather have the videos in full in the device gallery, you’ll like our list of apps for downloading videos on your mobile.

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